Player Options


TimeCat is going rapid iteration, The API may not stable, If you have any questions, please create a issues or contact the author

Player Option#

interface PlayerOptions {
target?: string | HTMLElement // which element has contained the Player, default is Document Body
records?: RecordData[] // play with records data
// receive data in live mode, see examples/mirror
receiver?: ((data: RecordData) => void) => void
autoplay?: boolean // autoplay when data loaded
heatPoints?: boolean // show heatPoints in progress bar, default is false
timeMod?: 'recordingTime' | 'durationTime' // default is durationTime
fastForward?: number[] // present the fast-forward speeds in progress bar, default is [2, 8]
const player = new Player(PlayerOptions)
// destroy player
player.destroy({ removeDOM: boolean})
// set removeDOM will remove player ui


const player = new Player(PlayerOptions)
// events...
type EventTypes = 'play' | 'stop' | 'pause' | 'speed' | 'resize'
player.on(eventType: EventTypes, (...args) => {
// receive event here
const ctrl = player.getCtrl()
// stop
// play, speed = 1
// fast forward
ctrl.currentTime = milliseconds
// getters


import { exportReplay } from 'timecatjs'
// export html file
interface ExportOptions {
records?: ReplayData[] // default from IndexDB
scripts?: ScriptItem[] // inject script in html
autoplay?: boolean // autoplay when data loaded
audioExternal?: boolean // export audio as a file, default is inline
dataExternal?: boolean // export data json as a file, default is inline